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Kodiak Mobile Television, LLC   405 E. Granger Street, Broken Arrow, OK  74012      918.940.7586

Mics and Booth Gear

(5) Sennheiser HMD-26 Announcer Headsets
(2) Sennheiser HMD-25 Announcer Headsets 
(7) Audio Technica AT8015 Shotgun Mics
(7) Audio Technica BP4027 Stereo Shotgun Mics
(4) Sony ECM-77 Lav mics
(4) Sennheiser MD-46 Hand Held Mics
(2) Shure SM-58 Hand Held Mics
(2) EV RE-50 Hand Held mics
(4) Studio Technologies 210 Announcer Boxes

(1) Booth Kit with Announcer Boxes, Headsets, 
IFB Boxes and Earpieces, Mults, etc in Pelican Case

RTS Matrix Intercom and IFB 

Adam M Matrix w/ 64 Ports
(15) KP Panels in Truck (8 with Hot Mics)
(2) Tiff 951 Dual Phone Interfaces
SAP 1626 Assignment Panel
(10) Powered External PL Lines 
(15) BP325 Boxes
SPK 300L "Biscuit Box" Station
(12) Beyer DT 108 Single Muff Headsets
(12) Beyer DT 109 Dual Muff Headsets 
(17) PH-88 Headsets
IFB 828 8 Channel IFB Power Supply
(8) IFB 325 Single Channel IFB Boxes
(8) IFB 4030 Dual Channel IFB Boxes
(8) CES-1IFB Earsets

Calrec Omega 5.1 Console

80 Channels on 40 Dual Layer Faders
5.1 Splash Fader Panel

160 Channels BlueFin Signal Processing
64 Pairs AES digital Audio In and Out
64 Analog Mic/Line Inputs
32 Analog Outputs 
256 Channels MADI In and Out
RTW TM7 Phase Scope / 5.1 Level Meter 


​Genelec 5.1 8030 Surround in Production and Audio
Genelec 8020 Cue Speakers in Audio
Coleman 5.1 Volume Control in Production
(2) Four Channel Wohlers at Producer and Director Positions
(12) 9” and (1) 17" Video Monitors In Audio Booth 

Outboard Gear

(2) Digicart E with Remote
Sony CDP-D500 CD Player
DBX 166 Dual Channel Compressor
Crown D45 Amp
(2) Orban 275A Stereo Synthesizers
(2) Rane PE17 Parametric EQs
(4) Telos One QKT/Phone Interfaces
Yamaha O1V Digital Sub Mixer
Sonifex RB-TGHDX 5.1 HD Test Tone Generator
JoeCo BlackBox 64 Channel MADI Recorder
Motorola Two Way Radio System with Base and (6) Handhelds